Virtual Clothing Establishments

We know that you Berlin men are always struggling to be as fashionable and period-appropriate as possible. As a public service we therefore provide the following list of men’s clothier’s that produce 1920s style clothing and hairstyles. We recommend trying demos before making any purchases.

General Clothing

Cartunno2 ~ Mostly women’s late 19th century clothing, but with a couple of potential “Gatsby” suits.

Cilian’gel Boutique ~ Period costumes for the budget-minded.

Deadwool ~ Several workable items of good quality — in world store carries late 19th/early 20th century in a ‘Western’ theme. Some very nice hats.

Deco ~ Good looking collection of wingtips and some rather quirky vintage inspired adventure wear.

Doc’s Men’s Wear & Swank Brothers Vintage Clothiers ~ Vintage clothing and assorted for the budget-minded. Mostly non-mesh.

FATEwear ~ Very acceptable suiting and overcoat options.

Harm’s Way ~ Mostly Western/gunslinger themed clothing, but with a few workable options.

Hoorenbeek ~ Selection of good quality men’s suiting and evening wear. Their reefer blazer is particularly recommended, and it’s about the only place in town to find clothed-topped boots and white tie and tails.

Just Because ~ Suits and separates that will do fine. They have specifically 1920s style separates. Look for the “Gatsby” collection.

Kauna ~ The XIV collection is about as perfect as it gets as far as suitings go.

Lapointe & Bastchild (L&B) ~ Good formal tuxedos and suits; the “wingtip” dress shoes are perfect for any male outfit, shoe including mesh socks that change colour may be the only pair you need!

Lufberry’s Vintage Clothiers ~ A handful of WWI items

[Phunk] ~ Rather hodge-podge collection of this and that, but with some decent shoes and suiting elements.

That ~ An odd mix of things, but with some likely looking, otherwise hard to find items, such as something that might do for jodhpurs.

TonkTastic ~ Military/adventure-inspired clothing, mostly a bit too fantasy outrageous, but with some possibilities.

Vanity House of Designs ~ Some men’s suits options, including a casual country suit with ascot.

Volstead ~ Period uniforms.

Hats and Hair

Action ~ Carries a couple of suitable hair options

Alli&Ali Designs


Couture Chapeau ~ decent fedoras and bowlers.

Hyacinthe Luynes ~ Homburgs — not perfect Homburgs, but Homburgs none-the-less, and really quite good. Close enough for a galloping horse, as they say.

JfL Real Hats ~ Hats.

The Millinery Shoppe in Vintage Retro ~ Has some nice men’s things in the window and on the second floor.

Pocket Mirrors ~ In world only — respectable hair options.

Refined Wild ~ This is a classic 1920s style hairstyle that comes in a variety of colors.

Wasabi Pills, Dean ~ Reasonable hair option for men.

Xen’s Hats ~ In world location. Hats, of course.


Haysuriza ~ Excellent Oxford options.

Pixelfashion “Oxford” ~ Not a true Oxford, but carrying a solid 1920s aesthetic.


Adjunct ~ Top hole selection of bow ties, with some nice pipes and glasses, to boot.

Ernst Osterham ~ Assorted collection of vintage this and that.

Wiggelsworth’s ~ Bow ties and an assortment of oddities.

1920s Bright Young Thing, Dora Duchamp, maintains a listing of purveyors of 1920s-suitable men’s clothiers. We thank her for her contributions to this list. 


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