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Start with a suit of evening clothes

bwtuxLocation: Pigeon Island, Neverending

The truth of the matter is that with the type of socializing one is likely to do in a Second Life of the past, a decent suit of evening clothes will serve a better purpose than almost anything else. Although formalities were not what they were prior to the Great War, gentlemen of the wealthier classes in the 1920s still made a general habit of dressing for dinner, especially if going out for a night on the tiles. Mr. Wooster’s world is rather trapped in a perpetual Edwardian era as if the War never really happened, so relaxing pre-War dress standards never seems to be considered. His gentleman’s personal gentleman wouldn’t allow it, in any case.

Detachable wing collars were popular, as were stiff-front shirts prior to the late 1920s, when soft front shirts gained steam. Jackets and pants were of matching worsted, generally in black, although one can get away with midnight blue if one’s manservant will allow it. Lapels were peaked or shawled and jacket fronts were single-breasted. Leave the pinstripe for day or more informal occasions.

For your evening shoes, a nice pair of black patent oxfords or pumps will serve the purpose well.

tuxcloseupThis tuxedo by Kauna is imperfect for the era, what with the buttons instead of studs, the ‘hipster-chic’ tight fit and rather too narrow lapel with its unnecessary notch in what would otherwise be a perfectly acceptable shawl type, but it’s not a bad option, never the less. You’ll pass. It looks nice.



Shoes ~ Coco Oxford Shoe, black patent leather, group gift

Hair ~ Dura-Boy 31 in Irish Coffee

Eyes ~ Aveline mesh eyes in hazel, L$0@SL Marketplace

Suit ~ Kauna tuxedo, classic black

Skin ~ Hermony, Leon

Dressed for L$1016

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