Finding quality period fashion in Second life can be a sticky sitch, especially for the gents. Coming from the vague post-Edwardian world in which the Great War never seemed to have happened, the proprietor of this site focuses mainly on what the well-dressed virtual man is wearing circa 1918-1935, give or take a few years, and allowing for pieces on ladies’ fashions from time to time.

Of course, it’s much easier for the women folk to dress to the nines in period-appropriate raiment… but not necessarily for cheap. Therefore, more focus is placed on budget-minded ladies’ wear than on men’s. That said, B. Wooster is a great appreciator of bargain finds, as long as they are of reasonable quality and ensure that he will be respectably turned out when he hits the mean streets and fashionable night spots of the 1920s Berlin Project and other time traveling locales.


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